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We are, first, fee-based advisors offering comprehensive investment advice and management. We sell only advice, not products. We have no financial stake in particular investments we recommend to our clients. For our services, we charge a percentage of the funds we manage so when these increase both we and our clients benefit.

We advise our clients primarily on whether they should invest funds in equities, preferred stock and bonds of individual companies within their portfolio.

We limit ourselves to a modest number of clients with whom we can develop close and enduring relationships. Our own prosperity, over time, depends on their success rather than our efforts to add more clients. Currently our clients are located in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Texas.

We are a well- established firm with a track record dating back to the mid 1990s. We know that markets go down as well as up and that our clients may encounter sudden changes in their needs and capabilities. We take pride in our ability to maintain a steady hand at the tiller.

What we



We offer, first, our competence in evaluating companies and markets. Linda Mundy, founder of Chesapeake, began her career as a commercial lending officer analyzing the credit-worthiness of large corporations seeking loans. Subsequent work for an M.B.A. at the Harvard Business School brought home the importance of attending to management skills of company executives as well as the balance sheets and income statement of their firms. Over the last 15 years, often at the request of her clients, she has incorporated responsibility concerns in company evaluations.


Second, we are absolutely dedicated to providing the highest standards of personal service to our clients. Virtually all come to us via referrals from other clients and the vast majority remain with us, not only as clients, but also as friends. They are highly educated, well-traveled, individual family investors who bring a diversity of concerns and want individualized attention to their investment needs. Through lots of direct communication and personal visits, we help clients to construct and manage portfolios that make sense to them.


Third, at Chesapeake, we work to meet clients’ long-term goals, needs and concerns through portfolios that balance growth with the preservation of capital. Neither we nor our clients like to lose money so we remain sensitive to risk and are willing to forego some short-term gains. No one knows what the next day will bring in the volatile markets we face so we don’t try to do much guessing.

As we become responsible for the portfolio of a new client we do not automatically sell securities but rather look at the existing holdings carefully and consider the tax consequences before making changes.

In addition, we are comfortable evaluating clients’ investments such as real estate or businesses that may not fit neatly into a security portfolio. We recommend and provide long term financial projections for individuals moving toward retirement.


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