Thoughtful Investing

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Chesapeake’s stock selection style can best be described as flexible since most clients own both growth and value oriented companies that vary in terms of size. This allows portfolios to participate in all phases of the market cycle. Security selection is based on valuation relative to history and similar securities. The management process is disciplined and principled, using specific “buy” and “sell” price points.

The investment approach is opportunity driven. We research trends in the economic, social and political environment to develop investment themes that have “long legs”. Investments in these themes have proven to be important to portfolio performance over time.

Chesapeake does not risk client funds by using short-term trading strategies. A firm may produce a remarkable quarter or even year, due to any number of one-time events. We look for companies with strong competitive positions that produce consistent superior results over time.



The foundation of income investing is the understanding of interest rate trends and the potential effect on investments.

We emphasize income stability, credit quality, and capital preservation. We purchase high-quality bonds and add income oriented, exchange-traded securities to enhance the total return for investors. Years of experience validate our choices.

Within the client’s risk tolerance, we include preferred stock and convertible preferred stock in portfolios as warranted to increase the income stream and the opportunity for appreciation.



Chesapeake believes in investing in companies that have, at their core, responsible values and objectives. Many of our clients choose to invest in companies that align with their own specific interests and we support them in this endeavor.

As a company, we invest in corporations that demonstrate a commitment to the environment, have a reputation for high-quality products and services, and observe fair labor practices.

We do not buy the shares of tobacco companies or invest in companies that manufacture firearms.

We believe that this commitment is meaningful.



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